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Americans growing more favorable on health care reform

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By: Consumer Insurance Guide Staff September 16, 2011 0

healthcare reform debateAlthough the landmark health care reform bill is still viewed with suspicion by many Americans, the country seems to be gradually warming to it, according to the results of a study released this month by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The study says that “a rare area of bipartisan agreement comes in public views of the ongoing disagreements between members of Congress from differing parties over the merits of the new reform law. Majorities of Americans in each political party say these disagreements stem more from an interest in scoring political points than from genuine policy disagreements over what is good for the country.”

Americans also showed a higher level of familiarity with various provisions of the bill, which affects not only private citizens, but employers and insurance companies as well.

Despite the furor that surrounded the bill’s passage, the full effects of the legislation will not be felt for several years, as it provides for piecemeal changes in the law over the course of that period of time.

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