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About Kemper's Outstanding
Home Health Care Policy

For people ages 41-85, Kemper offers a high quality, $54,000 Home Health Care policy that will cost under $30 per month. Enrollment into this plan is fast and easy because there is no medical exam and only two medical-related questions on the application. Kemper is one of the oldest and most well-renowned names in insurance. Coverage on this home health care policy is provided by Kemper's Reserve National Insurance Company, an A- "Excellent" rated company by A.M. Best.

Most people would rather stay at home than enter a nursing home. The Kemper home health care policy is an outstanding buy worthy of your consideration if you cannot afford or qualify for an expensive long term care policy. Having home health care insurance is a lot better than having no insurance at all. This policy, now available in 32 states, pays up to $150 per day for up to a maximum of 360 days - that's $54,000 in benefits. If that doesn't seem like enough coverage, the company allows the purchase of two policies, in which case your coverage can double to up to $300 per day, or $108,000. Even better, the company allows a “restoration of benefits” which means coverage restarts when you go 180 consecutive days without benefits paid or required.

Again, there is no medical exam and only two simple health questions to answer. Here are sample monthly rates for Illinois residents (rates for your state might vary slightly):

  • Ages 41-60:     $27.85
  • Ages 61-70:     $36.20
  • Ages 71-75:     $53.10
  • Ages 76-80:     $84.05
  • Ages 81-85:     $79.15

Nothing strikes more fear in the hearts of American families today than the possibility of a costly, uninsured long term care event like a prolonged stay in a nursing home or care at home. NOTE: The Kemper home health care plan is not nursing home insurance or long-term care insurance. Kemper's home health care policy pays for a specific range of home health care needs and providers on an indemnity basis, regardless of other insurance or no insurance. It's an affordable, economic, sensible solution that can give you peace of mind.

Here is a summary of why the Kemper Home Health Care plan is so outstanding:

  • Great company name and reputation (6 million policyholders, $8 billion in assets)
  • No medical exam
  • Easy, 2-question underwriting. Two health questions asked:
  • Are you currently living in a nursing home or assisted living facility or currently receiving home health care or similar-type benefits? (a YES answer would rule out acceptance)
  • Are you physically unable to perform routine activities such as bathing, dressing eating,toileting or transferring to or from a bed or chair? (a YES answer would rule out acceptance)
  • Low premiums; a reasonable $54,000 potential maximum payout
  • Benefits are paid to you regardless of any other insurance you might have, including Medicare
  • Purchase of this policy is allowed, even if you have other insurance, including Medicare
  • Acceptance allowed for ages 41-85; available in 32 states
  • Easy-to-understand six-month wait for pre-existing conditions
  • Acceptance allowed for certain Alzheimer patients, provided that they can perform the activities of daily living and are not receiving care

To request an information kit, which will include a Sample Policy, an Outline of Coverage, a Question and Answer section and an Application for your state, complete the form above or call our home health care agent, Jay Spitz, CLU, directly at (800) 961-4543

This is a brief description of some of the provisions of policies individually underwritten by Kemper Senior Solutions. Only the actual policy provisions will control. Form numbers, benefits, policy provisions and availability may vary by state. A licensed Company agent can provide details on benefits, costs, limitations, exclusions and waiting periods. Policy Form HHC-95 with PD-2 and EBR-HHC Rider.